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On the Issues

Unlike too many in public governance, our campaign is driven by policy and real issues that affect New Jerseyans - not culture war rhetoric and other red herrings.  At the center of our campaign are three overarching goals: 1) Making NJ more affordable to live, work, retire, and do business in; 2) Protecting and preserving our NJ environment through real and effective means, and 3) Supporting our People , meaning our public workers, our teachers, our emergency responders, our healthcare professionals, our workers, and you.  We are not influenced by a handful of wealthy donors or monied special interests and only support organizations whose values and mission support real New Jerseyans. Please learn how Gabe aims to accomplish this exploring below. 

Residential Building

Making NJ Affordable

Explore our comprehensive plan to reduce the cost of living and doing business in New Jersey. Our strategies are designed to make working, retiring, and establishing businesses in the state financially attainable and sustainable for everyone.


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Environmental Protection

Learn about our commitment to environmental stewardship. From clean energy initiatives to conservation efforts, we're taking tangible steps to ensure the natural beauty and resources of New Jersey are preserved for generations to come.


Supporting Our People

Find out how we plan to uplift and support public workers, teachers, emergency responders, healthcare professionals, and all New Jerseyans. Our focus is on building community, enhancing education, and ensuring a responsive and caring government.

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