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Protecting The Environment

Protecting our environment is not just an ethical obligation; it's an absolute necessity for the well-being and sustainability of our communities and our world. In New Jersey, the evidence of climate change is all around us: year over year record heatwaves, the alarming destruction of coral reefs and oceanic ecosystems, unprecedented fish die-offs, and the staggering rise in ocean surface temperatures. What used to be classified as storms of the century have become frighteningly common, and the rising sea levels are making hurricane storm surges increasingly damaging to our Jersey Shorelines. These extreme weather events are not isolated incidents but rather a call to action. We must commit ourselves to responsible environmental protection and forward-thinking initiatives that can mitigate these challenges. The steps we take today will not only preserve the natural beauty of our state but also ensure a healthy and prosperous future for all New Jerseyans. While it is certainly true that addressing climate change will take a global effort, we must do what we can to play our part. That is why Gabe supports most of Governor Murphy’s 2035 Carbon-Free Economy Agenda. The overarching priorities presented here will guide how Gabe will legislate as we face the urgent environmental challenges of our time.

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Coastal Protection and Resilience

New Jersey's coastline is a defining feature of our state's identity and economy. We must enhance the resilience of our shoreline through a combination of sustainable coastal management practices, erosion control, and habitat restoration. This includes not only investing in natural barriers such as dunes and wetlands but also collaborating with experts, municipalities, and coastal communities. By promoting responsible development that considers the varied nature of our coastline, we can protect both the natural beauty and economic health of the Jersey Shore.

Clean Energy Transition

Embracing clean energy is essential for both environmental stewardship and economic growth. I strongly support most of the 2035 Carbon-Free Economy Agenda and am committed to accelerating the transition to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. The Jersey Shore area offers significant opportunities for offshore wind energy and can be done safely. Unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry, through proxies, is hard at work in spreading disinformation and fear about transitioning to clean energy. These tactics aim to sow doubt and hinder progress, but we must not be swayed. By engaging with energy experts, environmental advocates, and local stakeholders, we can counter these false narratives and ensure that responsible development maximizes energy output while minimizing environmental impact, making New Jersey a leader in clean energy.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Effective waste management is a complex issue that calls for comprehensive solutions. Building on a balanced approach to packaging legislation that equitably distributes costs, we should pursue initiatives that increase recycling rates, promote waste reduction, and encourages the use of recyclable and reusable materials. This strategy involves collaboration with local businesses, municipalities, manufacturers, and community members, aiming to reduce landfill usage and promote sustainable consumer habits. These efforts can support the growth of New Jersey’s Recycling industry, transforming waste management into an opportunity for both environmental stewardship and economic development.

Water Quality and Conservation

Our waterways are essential to New Jersey's environmental health and the well-being of our communities. Gabe is committed to ensuring their health through stringent pollution control, stormwater management, water conservation efforts and better policing of our waterways. This includes advocating for targeted legislation to reduce nutrient pollution and plastic waste, investing in cutting-edge wastewater treatment technologies, and working with various stakeholders to conserve and protect our precious water resources.

Green Transportation Infrastructure

Building a sustainable, eco-friendly transportation system is essential not only for New Jersey's economy, but also its environment. We need to commit to developing diverse options, including electric vehicle charging infrastructure, bike lanes, and enhancements to public transit. Collaborating with experts, local governments, and residents, we can develop a network that diminishes our carbon footprint while boosting mobility, accessibility, and living standards across the state.

Environmental Education and Community Engagement

Education and community involvement are foundational to environmental stewardship. Gabe believes in fostering a culture of environmental awareness through educational programs, community outreach, and collaboration with local organizations. By engaging with the community and listening to the values and needs of the people we serve, we can ensure that our environmental goals are inclusive, equitable, and tailored to the unique characteristics of New Jersey's diverse communities.

Climate Change Adaptation Planning

Climate change presents unprecedented challenges that require forward-thinking solutions. Gabe will collaborate with local governments, businesses, and community members to develop comprehensive climate adaptation plans that consider the unique vulnerabilities of the Jersey Shore area. This includes preparing for sea-level rise, increased storm intensity, and other climate-related challenges through resilient infrastructure, strategic planning, and ongoing community engagement. 

Addressing Factory Farming in New Jersey

Factory farming poses alarming risks to our environment, contributing to air and water pollution, deforestation, and global warming. The practice also threatens wildlife, oceans, and the very fabric of rural communities. Gabe is committed to implementing responsible agricultural policies that mitigate these impacts, promoting a sustainable future that respects both animal welfare and the ecological balance of our state.

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New Jersey's environment is a shared treasure that demands our collective care and stewardship. From our beautiful coastline to our commitment to clean energy, recycling, water conservation, green transportation, education, climate adaptation, and sustainable agriculture, these goals reflect our dedication to protecting what we love about our state. Gabe's vision aligns with these values, focusing on collaborative and practical solutions to ensure a thriving, sustainable future for all who call the Garden State home.

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