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Why Gabe is Running For Office 

I was always a voter... actually, I don't think I've ever missed a general election since turning 18. But I never used to really think about politics. I think like most regular Americans it was all just kind of like a background noise and that at the end of the day I could trust that the government would do right by us. But then about 8 or 9 years ago I learned about Citizens United and the corrupting influence of money in American politics. It's a poison that I've been fighting ever since. It infects every facet of American life and is why from the federal government all the way down to the tiniest hamlet, our government so often fails to represent us. I never wanted to be a politician, I had to be.


Because the only real solution is having people leading who aren't in it for themselves. Unlike the other guy and way too many other folks in government, I'm not for sale - I have no price - and I would rather lose than betray my values.


I'm always going to do the right thing and always try to leave the world a better place than how I found it. That means listening to people - real people, not corporations, not lobbyists and not extremists. So I would say that that's why I'm running. To change the game so that people don't have to fight or be on edge all the time.

 - Gabriel  Franco

(In response to an interview question asking

"What brought you into politics?")

Meet Gabe Franco


Gabe's Story


Growing up in Lakewood, NJ, Gabe Franco's childhood was shaped by the ups and downs of a family striving for the American dream. Gabe's mother worked as a nurse's aid. His father, an entrepreneur, started a small local trucking company, while his stepfather served the community as a police officer. Together, they instilled in him the values of resilience and commitment. Their family life showcased both successes and years of hardship, teaching Gabe what it means to persevere and fight for what's right. These early lessons would guide him to a life of public service, law, and community activism, but...

Join The Fight

Together we have a real chance of making a difference in New Jersey, but not without your help.  Establishment politicians are backed by corporations, dark money PACs and a handful of wealthy donors.  But even if we can't outspend them, we can outwork them

Please donate using the ActBlue link below, and sign up to join Gabe and the LD 9 team. Although out next election is years out, we're still working hard to champion the causes and current candidates we believe in and will need resources to defeat entrenched Republicans. 

You may also mail us directly at the campaign PO Box shown at the bottom of this page. Our campaign team is all volunteer and every penny shared goes to reach more voters about our mission, allied current candidates, and the issues facing America.  Gabe continues to work closely with his team to build a government that works for all of us. 

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Thank you for joning the fight. We'll be in touch, but in the meantime please follow us on social media to learn about our scheduled appearances and important updates using the links below.

We will NEVER sell or share your information. 

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Past Endorsements
Gabe is not on the ballot in 2024 and these are included here because we are proud of and endorse all of the organizations we worked with. Past endorsement doesn't guarantee future endorsement.
(Clicking on images will redirect to organization pages)

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Please check back often for update endorsements.

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